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LadyGaga: Sleepy girl, resting up before Brisbane. In the car with my pillow. Missing T.

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@ladygaga: Listening to KeeF relaxing in my room, you Aussies were killin it tonight I 💋💗😂🎈🐽🐷you

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@asielhardison: Me and my gal #melbourne #AsiLove me some @ladygaga she knows how to party

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August 21st, 2014: Leaving a restaurant in Perth, Australia

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@ladygaga: On the way to Melbourne to see my beautiful monsters. More and more, of all things l’ve always pined for.

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@ladygaga: It’s showtime Aussie’s. Can’t wait to rave with my Monsters! #artraveperth lots to celebrate today!

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@ladygaga: Jazz Punk In my Gypsy Trunk #CheekToCheek

@ladygaga: Off to #artRAVEperth I’m so excited!!!

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