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September 22nd, 2014: At a “Cheek To Cheek” press conference in Brussels, Belgium 

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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett on Fantastico. [x]

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"The Youtube Music Awards performance. What happened that night? Why were you so emotional?" x

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@ladygaga: artRAVE Athens, here we go

@ladygaga: Like many who inspired and came before us, tonight we put ART in the front @jeffkoonsstudio #ARTPOP

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@ladygagaBathtime. “The Royal Suite” fit for a Goddess, or you know, a downtown New York gal with big dreams, and a lotta nerve.

@ladygagaAnd look what arrived in Athens! EAU DE GAGA

@ladygaga: This shower ain’t too shabby either.

@ladygagaAphrodite Lady Shower Greekini, feeling frisky. #Venus

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